Dark Matter

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Space Monkey Meds’ Dark Matter offers a Indica-dominant experience with sticky, resinous buds of impressive density. This strain simultaneously uplifts the mind and stimulates creativity, all while offering a soothing buzz in the body. Prepackaged in 4g eighths, Space Monkey Meds will surely launch you out of this world

Dark Matter
unlike ordinary rely, dark be counted does no longer interact with the electromagnetic pressure. this indicates it does now not soak up, mirror or emit light, making it extraordinarily tough to identify. In reality, researchers were able to infer the life of Dark Matter remember only from the gravitational effect it seems to have on seen depend. dark count appears to outweigh visible remember roughly six to one, making up approximately 27% of the universe. here’s a sobering fact: the matter we know and that makes up all stars and galaxies most effective debts for five% of the content of the universe! but what’s dark remember? One concept is that it can comprise “supersymmetric debris” – hypothesized debris which can be partners to those already known inside the general model. Experiments on the large Hadron Collider (LHC) may provide extra direct clues about dark count number.

Many theories say the Dark Matter debris could be mild enough to be produced on the LHC. in the event that they have been created on the LHC, they might escape thru the detectors not noted. but, they might bring away energy and momentum, so physicists ought to infer their existence from the quantity of strength and momentum “lacking” after a collision. dark count number candidates arise often in theories that recommend physics beyond the usual version, which include supersymmetry and additional dimensions. One concept shows the life of a “Hidden Valley”, a parallel global fabricated from darkish matter having little or no in commonplace with remember we recognize. If one of these theories proved to be genuine, it can help scientists gain a higher understanding of the composition of our universe and, especially, how galaxies preserve together.


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