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Jet Fuel Gelato is thought to be a hybrid cultivar with medium-sized plants and strong branches. The strain grows well both indoors and outdoors, though its exact flowering time is unknown. At full maturity, Jet Fuel Gelato produces forest green nugs with orange spindles and amber trichomes.

Jet Fuel Gelato is unavailable as seeds or clones.


jetfuel gelato is a cultivar of mysterious origins thought to be a combination of Jet Fuel and Gelato. The top reported aromas of the Jet Fuel Gelato strain are diesel, sugar, and pine. It is said to taste of cookie dough, pine, and earth.

Jet gas Gelato – Baked DC
Can’t say enough about this jetfuel gelato from our buddies over at Baked DC. it’s a mega robust strain that has examined as high as 29% THC in recent lab checks. She’s a hybrid move of jetfuel gelato with the infamous Gelato45 and these stellar genetics are very clear from the primary whiff. The aroma is extraordinarily pungent and distinct in nature. there’s the ever gift diesel, gasoline-like smell mixed with something sweet, but not fruity. The flavor is a candy, robust, nearly doughy taste, with a piney after taste. This batch felt very sativa heavy in the beginning, with an uplifting and euphoric buzz. The initial rush soon diminished to a extra dreamy and cozy, however especially practical, state. usual, it ends up being quite properly-balanced and true for morning/daytime. I simply hit it in the vape, slammed a chilly-pressed juice shot (chased w/ water) and went for a five mile run this morning. at some stage in the run i used to be actually excessive electricity and within the area. Afterwards, i used to be in a warm glow of calm as I recovered.

Visually, this strain is pretty specific and exotic looking. Her vegetables are both mild and dark with tinges of crimson all through (even though hard to painting correctly within the photo underneath). The trichomes are very starry, size-able, and amber-hued under magnification – all indicators of an professional cultivation and therapy.


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